What Manchester Means To Me

The majority of my life I have always loved the idea of home. Home brings me comfort, home brings me a sense of belonging. I think for everyone, we all have a different idea of what home is. Home can be a place, a city or even people. For me, I identify home to be a safe environment where I can truely express myself. For a long time, that was just my childhood bedroom. I’d come home from school, run to my bedroom and practice guitar to write about how I felt. As I didn’t feel comfortable playing openly infront of my school friends or people I knew, home was that kid in her bedroom dreaming to be in Nashville or New York one day.

As I got older, probably when I reached 17-18 I spent most of my time in the city of Manchester. I started to feel most confortable with the idea of performing, and starting playing my first shows (probably to rooms of 5-10 people). My idea of home started to change. Manchester became this place of discovery, a place where I feel anyone can truly express themselves with no judgement. When I wrote Human, (which I feel I’ve gone in depth with, so I won’t go on about it too much!) the song was about figuring out who I was in a big vibrant city. As the song developed, and I started to figure out who I was, it became clear as to why I figured out the majority of who I was, and Manchester was a big part of it. So, if you haven’t seen the doc and music video yet, heres a few of my favourite parts of the city, and what Manchester means to me.

1. Music venues – Albert Hall and Gorilla are my favourites if I had to pick. But Manchester pretty much has a music video on every side of town, if not people turn it into a music venue. The music scene here is so supportive and so inspiring. Ganranteed a new artist/rising talent you can see pretty much every night of the week.

2. Culture – Its amazing how much culture has been intigrated into the city from different places all around the world. I’ts almost like having all these different types of culture within the city has become part of our Mancunian identity.

3. Food. So many good places to go. I won’t go into this too much, but just step outside and look!

4. Bars – my favourites are Crazy Pedros, Leaf on Portland Street and Fallow Cafe (bit of a venture out, but a classic).

5. Northern Quarter. Standard.

6. Home. Always will be!


A little update. The last few weeks have been rather stressful through work (and finishing off my degree!).  However, I annoy myself when I complain about stress, as I’m very aware there is someone out there who has it a lot worse than me. When  I feel like life is getting a little stressful, sometimes I have to take a step back, take a walk with my dog, or just get out in nature, and make a mental list of all the things I’m grateful for. For today, I’ll skip the obvious and most important (Family, friends, my home, my work, my music). Here’s a list of the things I’m grateful for that have happened in April. (I might start doing these every month..more for myself than anyone else. I encourage you to make a list also!)

SUN – YES THE SUN HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN ENGLAND 2018!   I have spent the last few days working outside in my garden and hanging out with my friends in the sunshine. I feel like as soon as the sunshine comes out in England (or especially Manchester) everyone stops their plans, and heads stright to the pub, beer garden or park. Wherever you choose, its so lovely to see everyone come together having a good time.

WEDDINGS – I got to play my first wedding to the beautiful Natalie and Luke. It was such a wonderful experience at the amazing venue, The Oak Tree on Peover in Knutsford. Still amazed how these two wanted my voice in the background of their happiest day. I wish Natalie, Luke, Freddie (and baby 2.0 on the way!) a lifetime of happiness and love. I’ll be posting more pictures of this in the next few weeks, as I will be setting up a function work section to this website. For any enquires for weddings/function/corporate work please email me on: Kateanitaartist@gmail.com.

FESTIVALS- This month I got to play the amazing When In Manchester festival, held by 4 wonderful women in the music industry, Abi, Miriam, Ellen and Nicole (Mean Promotions). This festival really showcases women in music and I was so happy to be asked to play for them. The day was wonderful and I got to check out some of the best bands in Manchester. Ones I caught were SAPHO, Bedroom High Club, and Carl North & The Lonely Hearts – who were all incredible, go check them out!

On the topic of women in music, I also got to play an event at Gorilla for International Woman’s Day in March. The event SHE PWR, was hosted by Trof Promotions to showcase hard working women in challenging industries, such as music, theatre, events, prisons, and education. The event was one of the most inspiring shows i’ve ever got to play, and I’m very proud to be one of these women within the music industry.

Here’s to a wonderful month ❤





The Making of ‘Listen’

Through all the love and support recieved off my debut single Listen (feat Violet Night) this week, I thought I’d go into depth of the story behind it. Usually I find it difficult to talk about my song content, but I find that this song has a really cool story of how it all worked out together, and I believe if I didnt do all the things I did to release this song, I wouldnt have the mindset I do with music that I have today!

The idea came about when I was in a difficult situation with a guy about a year ago.  I wont go too in depth about that, as it’s not something I can relate to anymore. However I wrote the first 2 verses and the chorus, to describe the feeling of being trapped in a bubble, and you know you have to get out of it, but you’re not ready to accept your feelings yet. That’s something I struggle with a lot, not being able to communicate my emotions at the time when I feel them. Which is why I write songs I guess!

I left the half written lyrics on the side for a while… I wasn’t ready to finish it yet (as I wasn’t ready to accept things yet). I also wasn’t taking music very seriously either. I was in my second year of uni, as like most 19 year olds, I had no idea what I was doing (lol stil dont know what i’m doing).

Then in July, I got the opportunity to attend the Judy Stakee Songwriting Retreat in Canada. I had applied with not much intention of hearing back from them. Then I recieved a phone call around a month before saying I got accepted! All I had to do was figure out how to get to Canada in 2 weeks time…

And long story short, that’s where I met Connor.  We had properly gotten to know one another about half way through the retreat. He told me about his band Violet Night, and we figured out we had a lot of similar musical influences. We were sat underneath a gazebo on a tiny island of Vancouver, only to be in contact with the other 20 or so people we were with. It was so peaceful. I felt very comfortable explaining to Connor what I wanted the song to be about. I asked him to help me find the male perspective on this, and I feel like we achieved it really quickly.

Then I quickly made the decision to return to Canada and record in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a spontanous, crazy choice that I’m so glad we’d made. I got to record with the wonderful Randor Lin, at Velveteen Audio. Randor has a way of making me feel so comfortable to make the music my own, and I feel like now I finally have music that identifies with who I am.

 I made some really great friends on the jouney to Listen, and I would do it all again all the same if I could! Listen feels like the love song I was supposed to write, and have wanted to write for a very long time. It’s helped me put a lot of past mistakes at peace.

Watch the video of ‘The Making Of Listen’ here:

Listen to ‘Listen’ (feat Violet Night) here:

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/4f62ds9AsETkvMSrMsL0jl

ITUNES/APPLE MUSIC: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/listen-feat-violet-night-single/1351041100

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDN3jOPNvW8

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/kateanitaYOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDN3jOPNvW8





Kate x





Listen (feat. Violet Night) Out Now

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10 Things 2017 Taught Me As A Musician

At the start of this year, I was in a very strange place. I wasn’t taking things very seriously and I was floating around with the idea of making music. I knew I was (and still am) very interested in writing for other people, and I wanted to release my own music, but nothing ever stuck. Life problems got in the way, and I realised I was never going to be fully aware of what I wanted to do in my music career unless I figured out myself as a person. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a clueless 20-year-old, figuring out who I want to be…but as a musician there were a few things 2017 taught me.

  1. You don’t need to fully understand what kind of music you want to create and you don’t need to fully understand yourself as an artist just yet. Yes, this is very important, however try not to beat yourself up about not having everything figured out. This stuff takes time, and that’s okay.
  2.  Write because it makes you happy, not because its your job.
  3. Drown yourself in new albums. There is so much good music out there which will lead you to inspiration, you just have to go out and find it.
  4. Not everyone in this industry is going to be your best friend. Not everyone may be as nice as they seem. Trust your gut, if something doesnt feel right, it’s fine to walk away.
  5. You don’t need to rush to get music out. You’re the only person thinking about this everyday. Take the time to make it right and make it what you are most proud of.
  6. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  7. Step out of your comfort zone. That will allow you to grow the most as a person and as an artist. If you can travel to the other side of the world on your own and meet a bunch of strangers to co write for a week, you can do anything.
  8. No amount of success is worth sacrificing good friends and relationships in your life. Remember what’s really important.
  9. You are told daily how young you are…and that’s not a bad thing. Yes, you’ve got a long, long way to go. But, embrace the fact that you haven’t got everything figured out yet, because there is something very beautiful in that.
  10. Everyone is going to have their opinion. Everyone’s opinions are going to be different. Everyone is going to think their opinion is the right opinion. Remember that this art is YOURS. Figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Your decision is the best one. ❤

Kate Anita