What Manchester Means To Me

The majority of my life I have always loved the idea of home. Home brings me comfort, home brings me a sense of belonging. I think for everyone, we all have a different idea of what home is. Home can be a place, a city or even people. For me, I identify home to be a safe environment where I can truely express myself. For a long time, that was just my childhood bedroom. I’d come home from school, run to my bedroom and practice guitar to write about how I felt. As I didn’t feel comfortable playing openly infront of my school friends or people I knew, home was that kid in her bedroom dreaming to be in Nashville or New York one day.

As I got older, probably when I reached 17-18 I spent most of my time in the city of Manchester. I started to feel most confortable with the idea of performing, and starting playing my first shows (probably to rooms of 5-10 people). My idea of home started to change. Manchester became this place of discovery, a place where I feel anyone can truly express themselves with no judgement. When I wrote Human, (which I feel I’ve gone in depth with, so I won’t go on about it too much!) the song was about figuring out who I was in a big vibrant city. As the song developed, and I started to figure out who I was, it became clear as to why I figured out the majority of who I was, and Manchester was a big part of it. So, if you haven’t seen the doc and music video yet, heres a few of my favourite parts of the city, and what Manchester means to me.

1. Music venues – Albert Hall and Gorilla are my favourites if I had to pick. But Manchester pretty much has a music video on every side of town, if not people turn it into a music venue. The music scene here is so supportive and so inspiring. Ganranteed a new artist/rising talent you can see pretty much every night of the week.

2. Culture – Its amazing how much culture has been intigrated into the city from different places all around the world. I’ts almost like having all these different types of culture within the city has become part of our Mancunian identity.

3. Food. So many good places to go. I won’t go into this too much, but just step outside and look!

4. Bars – my favourites are Crazy Pedros, Leaf on Portland Street and Fallow Cafe (bit of a venture out, but a classic).

5. Northern Quarter. Standard.

6. Home. Always will be!

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